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Natural Hygene

The Lean Green Hand Wash is natural and chemical free.

Essentially a bathroom hand wash, with less soap, it is dispersed from a pump bottle, and does not require water, acting as a sanitiser with a thorough and clean result. It does not need water, though we do recommend a towel to wipe down with after use if you desire a large amount.

There are plenty of sanitiser varieties that can cause dry, flaky or irritable skin, especially fomr some with especially sensitive skin. The Lean Green Hand Wash is made to ensure a strong level of sterilisation is achievable without hurting skin or environment alike.

With a light tea tree fragrance, your hands will smell as fresh as your garden, with the same level of hygenic sanitisation as any regular, chemical hand wash, soap or sanitiser. Many harsh chemicals are washed into our waterways daily, causing harm to wildlife, plants and our local eco-system. The Lean Green Hand Wash ensures we are all doing our part to protect our local environment, while staying clean and sanitary at the same time.


Do Not Take or Ingest

Do Not Spray in Eyes, Ears, Wounds
or Sensitive Body Parts


Keep Away from Small Children

Leave on Sanitiser

Food Safe

Anti-Bacterial Disinfectant

Australian Made

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