Introducing the

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

The Lean Green Cleaner, a natural liquid cleaning solution, is essential for cultivating a healthy lifestyle. We all need a clean environment in which to live, so it is vital that we clean our space without toxins, or chemicals that require safety equipment to apply. We can fix that problem for you, when you welcome this potent cleaning range into your world to ensure your family, friends, staff, co-workers and customers can all co-exist in a safe and clean environment.

As a completely natural and organic liquid cleaning product, you can be ensured that the environment around you stays fresh, and will still be as clean (if not more so) than it was before with traditional chemical cleaning products. 

Made with patented San-Air Technology, this quality Australian made cleaning line also has the added benefit of being a strong fighter against mould and bacteria. As a cousin to our Mould Control range, it has plenty of anti-bacterial properties to ensure your surfaces are sanitized and bacteria free, ensuring a very thorough clean.

Lean Green Cleaner is Available in 3 convenient sizes, for whatever your purpose may be.
- 500 ml Spray bottle for use and application.

- 5 litre bottle to allow you to buy in bulk
- 20 litre bottle for commercial quantities

Please note only the 500ml spray is available in our store, the 5 or 20 litre must be ordered through our contact section for now.

Use when...

Suitable for..

- Wiping grim

- Mopping floors

- Clearing windows

- Removing mould
- De-greasing the stove
- Washing the car

- Kitchens

- Offices

- Bathrooms

- Corporate premesis

- Fast Food and Restaurants

- Supermarkets

Leave on Sanitiser

Food Safe

Anti-Bacterial Disinfectant

Australian Made


Do Not Take or Ingest

Do Not Spray in Eyes, Ears, Wounds or Sensitive Body Parts

Keep Away from Small Children

Keep your world Fresh, Clean
Essentially Natural