Say goodbye to breathing
in bacteria and mildew

Mould Control is your own personal Air Sanitiser. Say goodbye to breathing in bacteria and mildew, as San Air releases into the air and kills potential mould spores before they settle and form.


Mould can be highly dangerous for humans and animals alike, especially pets and children that are low to the ground, where concentration of bacteria is most strong. This can bring on flus, fevers and infections, exacerbate existing illness or worsen conditions for asthmatics.


Mould Control comes in a variety of forms, with our main range being the Jar style. This product holds a natural and organic gel, which releases particles slowly into the air when opened, that attach to mildew in an airborne form, and prevent mould from forming on surfaces, which eventually creates more mildew and bacteria in the air. If you have an exting mould problem, our cleaner spray will help to wipe it right off your surfaces to allow you to open a Mould Control jar nearby, to minimise the ability of mould to grow in the area in the future. Mould Control is also most efficient and best used in enclosed environments, or spaces with good air flow, though is still effective in cupboards and corners that are highly prone to mould due to lack of air movement.

Mould Control Jars come in a few varieties, to allow you to specifically target the one you need most. Our main line is the San Air Room Sanitiser, useable for any room, cupboard, or space, this variety is the most cost effective and easily useable.

Mould Control:

Home is our standard and cheapest product, for use in the Home, Office, Shed, Boat, Car, anywhere away from outside. Give consideration to how the Jar can receive air flow, but also reach areas away from the strongest flow of air, like corners and cupboards.

Mould Control:

San Air Air Conitioning, is to be placed on or around Air Con vents so it can be spread further into your room and also sucked into the ducts on your unit, to help clean away any bacteria that may have grown inside, where it is hard to reach.

Mould Control:

For spaces that also have Mosquito problems, as it also helps to keep them away and keep your space free from this common buzzing pest. Still useable outside, though San Air’s mould removing effect will be more diluted in the open air.

San Air


San Air Spray allows you to clean away any existing Mould and clear your space of Bacteria. This is essential before using a San Air Jar, as San Air is a preventative, and wont remove the Mould you have accumulated. 

Simply spray on to any Mouldy area, leave it for 10 minutes, then return and wipe the mould away. This way you can open your San Air Jar in a freshly cleaned space. Please not that very dark moist areas with low air flow, may need a regular cleaning, especially in humid regions.

San Air


San Air Disperser is for any San Air Jar variety, to help you disperser its aroma further into any room or space, allowing a wider coverage of San Air’s mould pacifying effects. It comes with the necessary batteries, and puffs out a burst of San Air at regular intervals to ensure your larger rooms can benefit from fresh air.

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