Keep your Indoors Fresh and 
Mould Free

Mould Control is your own personal air sanitiser. Say goodbye to breathing in bacteria and mildew, as Mould Control releases into the air and kills potential mould spores before they settle and form.


Mould can be quite detrimental to health for humans and animals alike, especially pets and children that are low to the ground, where concentration of bacteria is most strong. This can bring on flus, fevers and infections, exacerbate existing illness or worsen conditions for asthmatics.

The Mould Control range currently comes in 2 different forms, Jars and Cleaner. Our Jar range contains 3 variants, Home, Extra & MozzyNo, all with their own unique function. These contain patented San-Air technology, that utilises a natural gel made from essential oils and natural binding agents. This gel slowly releases into the air overtime when opened, causing mildew particles to be neutralise while airborne before the land and form mould. This happens unseen by our eyes, so Mould Control Jars prevents bacteria growth before it even happens.

If you have an existing Mould issue, Mould Control: Cleaner is the product you need. Its a natural and organic cleaning solution, with no added chemicals, that is as strong as your average cleaning range without the toxins. Simply spray on, leave for 10 minutes and you will watch most mould (depending on the surface, and severity of growth) wipe right away. This is best used prior to opening a Jar, to get its maximum effect in an already clean environment.

Mould Control while natural, is still a very strong cleaning product, so we advise caution with use around the eyes, children and pets, and it is best to wash hands after use, as it is still quite potent, and best left our of reach form little ones.

Mould Control: Home

Home is our classic from the Jar range at 75mg, for use in the Home, Office, Shed, Boat, Car, or anywhere that requires preventative measure from Mould. It is best left in a place with good airflow, though is also necessary in some damp or dark cupboards. Choose this line if you are unsure which to use.

Mould Control: Extra

Extra is our long-life range, at 100mg with an extra 25mg than Home, you can leave it in that rarely opened cupboard, or dark corner and know it will last several weeks longer, meaning you have Mould prevention for longer. Also great to place in or on air-conditioner units, that may be hard to reach or access, so the larger quantity means they need to be replaced less often.

Mould Control: MozzyNo

MozzyNo is for spaces that also have Mosquito problems, with an 80mg Jar it still aids in Mould prevention, with the added benefit of Mozzies prevention. If using outside, make sure to have 2 or more for large entertaining areas as each jar can only cover a few square metres each, and is much hard to manage than an enclosed indoor environment.

Mould Control: Cleaner

For spaces that also have Mosquito problems, as it also helps to keep them away and keep your space free from this common buzzing pest. Still useable outside, though San Air’s mould removing effect will be more diluted in the open air.