San-Air  was originally developed as an Air Sanitiser, to help  defend against Mould and Bacteria growth, and is a sister product to our Mould Control range. A completely Australian Made product ensures you are receiving quality sanitisation

Now, it has a brand new and highly important role to play, and is uniquely positioned in the current times, as after much testing, it has shown to be effective against viruses while air-borne in enclosed spaces. Closed rooms are likely environments for viruses to transfer between people, whether at an event, bar, dinner party, on a bus, car or plane or just walking by someone in a shopping centre.












San-Air is created from only natural products, with no harsh chemicals or toxins, and evaporates to release into air, and cleaning the air you breathe. High quality raw materials are distilled into oils which contain anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, and when mixed in particular ways create the unique blend of product that is San-Air. Once evaporated from their gel form in a jar or packet, the molecules released into the air bind to viral or bacterial cells, preventing them spreading to other hosts to be able to consume them to survive. By robbing a virus or bacterial cell of its ability to transfer, the virus has no transportation method, and is able to be sanitised by the evaporated gel.


To be clear, San-Air cannot guarantee somebody infected with COVID-19 or another virus will not spread it within your premesis, though San-Air will strongly aid in your methods to protect your family, friends, staff or patrons against. There are currently no other Air Sanitising products on the market like it, and very few products (if any) that are classed as being able to Kill COVID-19. 

Alternative Benefits for San-Air

Being an Anti-bacterial air-sanitiser, makes San-Air V3R very effective at more than just cleaning the air your breath. You may not be aware, that unpleasent odours like smells in old shirts, musty smells in boats or varavans, dog bed spells, or sweat smells from your shoes, and even fruit ripenening, are caused be the presence of bacteria.

Placing a San-Air V3R jar in your shoe, cupboard, dog bed, caravan or near the fruit bowl will remove many of the foul odours we have come to put up with, and even cause your fruit to ripen that bit slower. This also provides the benefit of resisting mould growth, keeping these areas sanitised and healthier to interact with.

San-Air Range

San Air V3R: 500ml

The 500ml Disinfectant is unique in its qualification as 'Effective Against Covid-19', this unique San-Air blend will make sure your premesis is reaching a high degree of sanitisation against the current virus spread, as well as being a general disinfectant. Comes with a spray lid for immediate use.

San-Air V3R: 15gm

The 15gm is developed specifically for the Split Systems style Air-Conditioning units. Simply cut across the tab on one end of the packet, open your AC unit, and slip it inside. It will clean the air it pushes out into your living or workspace, as well as cleaning any bacteria and germs out of the AC unit to prevent further spread of unseen viruses.

San-Air V3R: 75gm

The 75gm Jar, a cousin to our Mould Control brand, is specifically targeted for Air Sanitisation, and the spread of bacteria and fungal spores within enclosed spaces. As an air purifier, it actively converts unseen spores and particles to a neutralised state, to prevent them spreading.

San Air V3R: 250gm

The 250gm San-Air V3R is a unit specifically designed for ducted AC systems, used for larger households or corporate buildings. This allows the benefits of San-Airs air sanitisation to spread over a much larger region, for a greater period of time, ensuring the purifying particles reach as many corners of your enclosed environment as possible.

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