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Eliminating Plastic Bags

We at Essentially Natural are proud to announce that we are the Australian dealership for Solubag! An International solution to a Worldwide problem, the single use plastic bag.

We are all familiar with the damage that these bags do to our waterways, so we are working with Solubag to present a much needed alternative to the retail and shopping industries. Its time we did away with common items that clog our waterways, harm our native animals and damage the environment.

Solubag is a superior alternative, as it is a carbon soluble fiber, meaning that it breaks down back to carbon, and when exposed to hot-water or warm landfill it
completely bio-degrades. 

Every year, millions of shopping blags and one use plastics end up in the environment, caught in waterways, oceans, pastures and park land.

Solubag aims to eradicate these plastics, that take hundreds of years to break down and properly decompose. They harm animals, polute the environment, and clog up our estuaries and beauty, destroying the natural beauty of our environment.


Million Bags per Year End Up in the Earth


Years for Bags to Decompose in the Earth

How Does it Work?

Solubag is Simple!

Simply add hot water, and it dissolves back to carbon, to be re-used in Nature, and recycled back into the environment instead of causing further damage.

So when Solubag is caught in landfill, or placed in a compost, or in the earth and subject to biodegrading, heat and moisture allows it to degrade back to carbon, as demostrated below. 

Carbon Soluble Dissolve

Carbon Soluble Dissolve

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