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Swift Grow Organic Certification

Greetings, All.

Just a quick update regarding our Superstar Fertiliser, Swift Grow.

After recent inspections by ACO Certification Ltd, Swift Grow is finally confirmed to be a Certified Organic product in Australia, classified as "Input for Organic Production".

As a fertiliser, Swift Grow is a key component in the Organic production process, and will help you create vibrant and quality fruit, vegetables and crops providing key nutrients and good bacteria to your gardens, fields and soil base. It will rejuvenate suffering, burned and damaged earth, sick and suffering plants, and bring nutrients back to dry lifeless soil.

Made with Barramundi poo, who have been fed organic material, it is part of the natural cycle of life in Australia, and perfect to return nurients that the Australian plants and soils are used to back to them.

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