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Lean Green range Expands

We're excited to announce, that our Lean Green family will be expanding soon, with 2 new products in development, and another one or two on the horizon.

First up is the Lean Green Sani-Pen, bringing a small handy portable sanitiser to a pocket near you! As a cheap spray unit, you can clean both your hands, and any item or surface nearby, allowing you to maintain a strong level of cleanliness, which is quite important in these difficult times with the Coronavirus spreading worldwide. We will have this stock ready for sale very soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Next up is the Lean Green Hand Wash, to bring our Lean Green cleanliness to a sink near you. A classic hand soap, we offer a cheap alternative to commercial chemical options. Its more important than ever to get a thorough hand wash on a regular basis, so we're doing our bit to offer another option for you to maintain your hygiene standards in 2020.

We may have some other updates on other Lean Green additions later in the year, but for now we will be getting these out ASAP, especially as the world is running low on sanitary supplies. These products are in our reach currently, so if you are interested before we have them launched online, please get in touch via email (bottom of the page) or on the 'Contact' tab, and we can get you some stock.

Stay safe, stay clean, and stay green!

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