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Plant Fertiliser Australia

Welcome to Essentially Natural, your trusted source for premium plant fertilisers in Australia. Natural plant fertilisers have gained popularity in Australia as environmentally conscious gardening practices become more prevalent. These fertilisers, often derived from organic sources, offer an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic options. They promote healthier soil, reduce the risk of chemical runoff, and contribute to sustainable gardening practices that align with Australia's commitment to environmental conservation.

Discover one of the most trusted choices when looking for plant fertiliser in Australia. Swift Grow is a potent natural liquid fertiliser, derived from fish waste (manure, not guts). It is suitable for all plant types, from grass, to grain, herbs to shrubs, fruits to flowers, trees to crops, and even indoor plants and hydroponic systems. 1 liter of Swift Grow makes 500 liters of organic liquid Fertiliser and can cover up to 1.6 Hectares (or 16,000 m2) of grass or turf. It contains a high percentage of Nitrogen, Calcium and other minerals, and approx. 30% bacteria count (also known as lacto-bacillus). Lacto-bacillus makes Swift Grow unique, as it brings pro-biotic qualities to your plant life, and any life form that eats your plants, including you! So nutrients are more accessible, and easily absorbed.

Using natural plant fertilisers aligns with the principles of sustainable gardening in Australia. These products are typically biodegradable and contribute to improved soil health, fostering beneficial microbial activity and earthworm populations. Natural fertilisers also reduce the risk of nutrient runoff into waterways, helping to protect Australia's diverse ecosystems. As gardeners across the country become more conscious of their environmental impact, natural plant fertilisers continue to be a preferred choice for nurturing gardens while preserving Australia's unique natural environment.

Join us in supporting sustainable gardening practices in Australia, and let's grow together naturally. Explore our range today and experience the difference of Essentially Natural fertilisers. Your garden deserves nothing less than the best!

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