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Swift Grow

Swift Grow is a unique, natural and organic liquid Fertiliser, with potent nutrient base, and healthy dose of lacto-bacillus (good bacteria) to help feed your plant, in ways no other fertiliser can.

It makes 500 litres of mixed fertiliser with only one litre of concentrate, so it is one of the most strong and potent products on the market today. The lacto-bacillus bacteria allow your plants access to much more nutrients than usual, aiding in their breakdown and absorbtion, meaning the plants you feed it to can become bigger, healthier and stronger much quicker, meaning your grass is more lush, your bushes are stronger, your trees will grow sturdier and your fruit grows much sweeter.

Typical Analysis:
Lacto-bacillus - 30%
Total Nitrogen - 10%
Available Phosphate - 3%
Soluble Potassium - 7%
Calcium - 5%

Contains Traces of: Iron, Magnesium, Manganesse, Copper, Zinc & Molybdenum
*As a natural product, the typical analysis per batch may vary slightly

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