Mould Control: Split Systems 15gm

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Specifically designed for Air-Conditioners, this Mould Control variety allows you to easily slip this pack into your air=conditioner or split systems unit, to ensure Mould and Bacteria that may grow within can be cleaned out, ensuring its not blowing into your space to be breathed in later. Simply cut off the end, and slide it in!

The Split Systems pack has a small nug underneath, when cut across with scissors, it will slowly release the Mould Control gel into the air.
Place it inside the grill of your air conditioner unit, or take off the front panel and find a space to place it, so it will be exposed to the airflow moving through your unit.

This is most potently focused inside the AC unit, though will provide benefits to the room as a whole.

As this item is small and easy to ship, please get in touch if you desire more than 1 unit, and we can quote a more accurate price for you, than our store will allow us to automatically set.

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