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Mould Control: Basics Pack [Free Shipping]

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The Mould Control: Basics Pack is the best place to start for a Mould issue that needs to be contained!

Featuring the core of the range, including both the Jar Gel varieties and the Surface Cleaner spray, simply spray the infected area, wait 10 minutes, and scrub it away! Place a jar after the effected area has been cleaned to sanitise the air in the infected zone, cleaning up any unseen air particles and helping your home or workspace stay as clean as possible!

Basics Pack includes Free Shipping!

- x1 Mould Control Spray: Surface Mould Remover - To help clean away an existing Mould issue. Essential to get your place clean again and to sanitise your space against further mould and bacteria growth
- x6 Mould Control Jars: of any variety! Select your preference of Home, Extra or MozzyNo

* Price may fluctuate depending on your choice of jar
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