Mould Control - Basics Pack [Free Shipping]

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The Mould Control starter pack, contains enough product to get you started for any basic Home, Work or Shed area thats in need of some assistance. Theres no need to keep those Mould spaces in your place, we've got an easy solution, and the Mould Control range has you covered.

Basics Pack includes Free Shipping!

- x1 Mould Control: Cleaner Spray - To help clean away an existing Mould issue. Essential to get your place clean again.
- x2 Mould Control: Home (75gm) - Our classic product, to get you started in any room or space, to keep the Mould away after a good clean
- x2 Mould Control: Extra (100gm) - For those hard to reach or less used places, perfect for high cupboards, boats, caravans and sheds.
- x2 Mould Control MozzyNo (80gm) - For those areas that also have Mozzy issues, keep your outdoor rooms both Mould and Mozzy free

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