Lean Green: Hand Wash - 500ml

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Lean Green Hand Wash is a soap for sanitisation on the go, with a natural essential oil fragrance, your hands will be smelling clean and fresh in no time.

With no need for running water, or a seperate soap, you can simply squeeze, wash your hands together, and wipe away if some soap still remains.

This helps you to stay sanitised in public places, at work, in the car, or for those who come to visit you, with the added benefit of saving water. Perfect for those working from vehicles, with regular dirty hands, so you can be clean in a moment.

A totall sustainable ethical and environmentally friendly line, you can feel safe in the knowledge your hands are clean and sanitised with no detriment to yourself, nature, animals or others. Also with 500mls of product, and only needing a small squirt, one bottle will last you quite a few cleans, bringing more bang for your buck!

Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser and Disinfectant, Leave on Sanitiser, Food Safe

with no Harsh Chemicals.

Safe for Children with supervised use.

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