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Lacto-bacillus is a family of bacteria, that grows naturally in many places around and within us. You will find it in our digestive system, and that of animals as well. Since
Swift Grow is made from live Barramundi fish poo, and and several other natural and organic approaches go into feeding the fish, and filtering our product, a high % of Lacto-Bacillus is available for the plants that you feed with Swift Grow.

What makes Lacto-bacillus so important, is that it acts like a pro-biotic, the type you may have with your vitamins in the morning. It assists in the digestion and break down of nutrients and minerals, allowing the plants you fertilise, to more readily access the nutrients you provide. Often they remain in the soil for a long time, or wash away, but this allows them to be more readily available, also meaning your soil is much more fertile.

So now after fertilising your Garden, Lawn, Trees or Crops, not only is the intended recipient plants more healthy, but the soil and other plants around them, and down hill from them (as it will spread during rainy periods) will receive the benefits of the fertilisatioin too. So this potent dose of nutrition from Swift Grow, not only brings pro-biotics to aid the plants, but it will also help to attract Worms closer to the surface, aiding in the composting of your garden or crop.

Lacto-bacillus that is absorbed by the plant, will also be passed on to those who consume food grown with the Swift Grow fertiliser. So if you feed the veggies in your garden to your family and pets, they will also benefit and absorb potent pro-biotics to aid in the breakdown of food within their own body.

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