Eco-Friendly Alternatives

The Lean Green range is home to our Environmentally Friendly cleaning and sanitising products. We source ethically and environmentally friendly options, to provide your with the best chance to help decrease their global footprint, and amount of harmful chemicals in everyday cleaning and sanitsary products.


Many common cleaning products are not environmentally friendly, and often wash into the local environment, waterways and water supplies, or are consumed by local wildlife, so we are doing our bit to provide a more friendly options. You can clean safe in the assurance that our products are naturally derived, and the only harm that comes from our range is to the germs and bacteria you wish to clean away.

The range currently includes:

Lean Green Cleaner is your ally against germs and bacteria. 

As a completely natural liquid cleaning product, you can be ensured that the environment around you stays fresh, and will still be as clean than it was before with traditional chemical cleaning products.

Made with a unique potent oil mixture, the Lean Green Cleaner has strong anti-bacterial properties, and will assist in your desire for a clean space, especially now that we spend much more time at home. Bacteria can grow and spread out of our sight, so we can ensure with a regular clean, you can prevent bacterial contamination in your home.

The Lean Green Cleaner comes in a 500ml spray form. We will soon have cheap refills available, to make it a more sustainable range. It is also available in large quantities for commercial business, simply get intouch on out Contact page for a quote.

Use when...

Suitable for..

- Kitchens

- Offices

- Bathrooms

- Corporate premesis

- Fast Food and Restaurants

- Supermarkets

- Wiping grim

- Mopping floors

- Clearing windows

- Removing mould
- De-greasing the stove
- Washing the car

Lean Green Sani-Pen is your personal pocket sanitiser.

A small pen sized spray, to allow you to disperse a sanitiser to clean any surface you would like to touch, to ensure in these tough times we are doing everything we can to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

Simply pull of the cap and spray whatever you would like to sanitise. We recommend wiping it down with a cloth, tissue or towel to ensure cleanliness.

There are plenty of sanitiser varieties that can cause dry, flaky or irritable skin, especially fomr some with especially sensitive skin. The Lean Green Sani-Pen is made to ensure a strong level of sterilisation is achievable without hurting skin or environment alike.

Surfaces and solid objects, like your tools, bench, desk, door handles, shopping trolleys and other commonly touched items or spaces, can also be sanitised with the Lean Green Sani-Pen, so it is a handy and useful item for the times we are experiencing now, where a high standard of cleanliness is essential.

- At work using items used by others

- Home with an ill loved one

- Using public doors, transport or equipment

- At the gym or public bathrooms
- About to prepare food for others

- Pockets of all kinds

- Bags or purses

- Cars or vehicles

- Desk draws

- Counter at Work

- Supermarkets

Use when...

Suitable for..

Lean Green Hand Wash is a soap for sanitisation on the go, with a natural essential oil fragrance, your hands will be smelling clean and fresh in no time.

With no need for running water, or a seperate soap, you can simply squeeze, wash your hands together, and wipe away if some soap still remains.

This helps you to stay sanitised in public places, at work, in the car, or for those who come to visit you, with the added benefit of saving water. Perfect for those working from vehicles, with regular dirty hands, so you can be clean in a moment.

A totall sustainable ethical and environmentally friendly line, you can feel safe in the knowledge your hands are clean and sanitised with no detriment to yourself, nature, animals or others. Also with 500mls of product, and only needing a small squirt, one bottle will last you quite a few cleans, bringing more bang for your buck!

Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser and Disinfectant, Leave on Sanitiser, Food Safe

with no Harsh Chemicals.

Safe for Children with supervised use.

Leave on Sanitiser

Food Safe

Anti-Bacterial Disinfectant

Australian Made

Completely Natural


Keep your world Lean, Green
Essentially Natural

Do Not Take or Ingest

Do Not Spray in Eyes, Ears, Wounds or Sensitive Body Parts

Keep Away from Small Children