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Mould Control is your own personal air sanitiser!  Say goodbye to breathing in mould, bacteria and mildew, as Mould Control releases into the air and kills potential mould spores before they settle and form. Mould can be quite detrimental to health for humans and animals alike, especially pets and children that are closer to the ground, where concentration of bacteria is most strong. Mould & bacteria can bring on flus, fevers and infections, exacerbate existing illness or also worsen conditions for asthmatics.


Mould Control is anti-bacterial, so it can assist in other ways other than just removing mould growth. One of the best secondary uses of Mould Control, is odour removal, as odours and smells often come from the presence of bacteria caused by sweat, dirt, lack of air flow, materials that degrade or an exposure to moisture. Some of these can be completely removed, especially if the smell isn’t pungent, and is in a confined space, while some will simply be lessened or diminished, by the actives being taken out of the air. It can also help to slow down ripening of fruit, as that process also involves bacteria!


If you are seeking to buy any mould control products online – we are your leading team!


If you have an existing Mould issue, our unique Spray Cleaner Mould Control: Surface Mould Remover is the product you need. It’s a natural and organic cleaning solution, with no added chemicals, that is as strong as your average cleaning range without the toxins. Simply spray on, leave for 10 minutes and you will watch most mould (depending on the surface, and severity of growth) wipe right away. This is best used prior to opening a Jar, to get its maximum effect in an already clean environment.


Buy mould control products with ease here at Essentially Natural!

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