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Air Sanitisers Online

San-Air is primarily an Air and Surface Sanitiser, originally developed to help defend against mould and bacteria growth, and is a sister product to our Mould Control range. A completely Australian Made product ensures you are receiving quality sanitisation against unwanted growth. In 2020 and 2021, San-Air has taken on a whole new importance, it has a brand new and highly important role to play, as it is uniquely positioned in the current times after much testing, San-Air has been proven as effective against Covid-19. The air sanitiser jars are effective against sanitising against the spread of airborne viruses, as the particles that evaporate out of the unique gel are able to cover and dissolve virus particles as they move through the air.

Seeking for leading air sanitisers online? We are your number one solution!

San-Air is created from only natural products, with no harsh chemicals or toxins, and evaporates to release into air, and cleaning the air you breathe. High quality raw materials are distilled into oils which contain anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, and when mixed in particular ways create the unique blend of product that is San-Air. Once evaporated from their gel form in a jar or packet, the molecules released into the air bind to viral or bacterial cells, preventing them spreading to other hosts to be able to consume them to survive. By robbing a virus or bacterial cell of its ability to transfer, the virus has no transportation method, and is able to be sanitised by the evaporated gel.

Essentially Natural's SAN-AIR air purifiers will improve your indoor air quality and general well-being. Purchase something today and experience for yourself the transformational power of cleaner, purer air. With SAN-AIR, you can finally breathe more easily and organically. Contact us, today, or shop online with ease and safety.

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