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Mould Control is a Mould cleaning and sanitising mould prevention product that allows you to prevent bacteria growth indoors. Our Cleaner spray will help you clean mould away, simply by spraying, waiting and wiping. Mould and bacteria create an unhealthy environment, especially for children, dogs, elderly, and those with Asthma, as bacteria percentages are strong close to the ground, and also cause issues for those in ill health, or with respiratory issues.

Mould Control releases into your room, and attaches to mildew molecules floating through your air, and looking to land somewhere moist and damp in order to grow. We help to stop that potential growth, and ensure you can have a healthy, clean and fresh living environment. Mould Control jars release into the air, neutralise mildew and bacteria, and leave you space clean, totally naturally.

Mould Control helps you kill Mould, Naturally.

Lean Green is a unique range, home to our environmentally friendly cleaning and sanitary products.

Our goal is to provide natural products without toxic chemicals, for an affordable price, and the Lean Green range allows us to do that. Now you can clean, and keep sanitised, safe in the knowledge you are not harming your own body, or the environment around you with your choice of products.

Click through to our online store to try some of these for yourself! You can find more info on these products by clicking on the logo above, or the range in the drop down menu. We also have bulk concentrate at a very affordable price for cleaning companies, and commercial use. These will be online in the future, though please contact us for information on bulk pricing.

Solubag is a new solution to a Global issue.

Plastic of all kinds, especially plastic bags, have been a big problem for our waterways, and native wildlife, ever since its invention several decades ago. It takes hundreds of years to break down, and can kill many various animals and pollute our waterways, nature reserves, beaches, parks and forests in the mean time.

Well its time for a change! As the environmentally sustainable cause grows, new solutions arise, and Solubag is one of them. Able to dissolve what exposed to both heat and moisture, Solubag breaks down in landfill, in Hot water, and in compost, so it can return to carbon, which can be used on your garden. Solubag means less landfill, and a higher quality of life for our animals, and environment at large!

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Wholesale Pricing

We believe in our products, and our mission is to seek connections and relationships with retailers and other businesses who believe in them as well would like to use or sell our products. 


If you would like to arrange samples, or host our range in your outlet, please click below and send us your details so we can get in touch. Please note, wholesale is only available for businesses wishing to sell on our goods, and application is required.

About Us

Essentially Natural is an Australian business, which supports and distributes quality natural and organic products into the Australian retail market. We allow brilliant minds, who create fantastic things, a pathway to getting their unique and effective products into the wider world.


Currently our range includes Swift Grow, a natural and organic fertiliser, that strengthens and nourishes plant life, and San Air, a natural mould controlling substance that helps to keep your home and inside spaces fresh, healthy and free of bacteria.

Our Range

Swift Grow is a potent natural liquid fertiliser, derived from fish waste (manure, not guts). It is suitable for all plant types, from grass, to grain, herbs to shrubs, fruits to flowers, trees to crops, and even indoor plants and hydroponic systems.

1 litre of Swift Grow makes 500 litres of organic liquid Fertiliser, and can cover up to 1.6 Hectares (or 16,000 m2) of grass or turf. It contains a high percentage of Nitrogen, Calcium and other minerals, and approx 30% bacteria count (also known as lacto-bacillus). Lacto-bacillus makes Swift Grow unique, as it brings pro-biotic qualities to your plant life, and any life form that eats your plants, including you! So nutrients are more more accessible, and easily absorbed.

This means that your plants are able to absorb and process the significant percentage of minerals present in the Swift Grow fertiliser, and will grow big, strong, fast and healthier than with any other fertiliser. It is potent plant food, and suitable for all types of uses as a Garden Fertiliser, for growing Seeds and Bulbs, re-vitalising lawns, for growing hydroponics and organically fertilising crops and fields.