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Swift Grow is a potent liquid fertiliser, derived from fish waste. It is suitable for all plant types, from grass, to grain, herbs to shrubs, fruits to flowers, trees to crops, and even indoor plants and hydroponic systems.

1 litre of Swift Grow makes 500 litres of Fertiliser, and can water up to 1.6 Hectares (or 16,000 m2) of grass land. 
It contains a high percentage of Nitrogen, Calcium and other minerals, and approx 30% bacteria count (also known as lacto-bacillus). 

This means that your plants are able to absorb and process the significant percentage of minerals present in the Swift Grow fertiliser, and will grow big, strong, fast and healthier than with any other fertiliser.

Mould Control is a air sanitising product that allows you to prevent mould growth indoors, and also to clean it away when you find an area covered in mould.

Mould and bacteria create an unhealthy environment, especially for children, dogs, elderly, and those with Asthma, as bacteria percentages are strong close to the ground, and also cause issues for those in ill health, or with respiratory issues.

Mould Control releases into your room, and attaches to mildew molecules floating through your air, and looking to land somewhere moist and damp in order to grow. We help to stop that potential growth, and ensure you can have a healthy, clean and fresh living environment.



Lean Green Cleaner is a completely natural cleaning solution to your everyday cleaning needs. We all know the impact that toxic chemicals can have on our health, so we are here to provide a solution for you, to help you clean your environment in a safe and harmfree way without sacrificing cleanliness.

From commercial, to residential, the Lean Green Cleaner fills a variety of roles and helping you to replace the dozens of different chemical cleaners in the cupboard. The Lean Green Cleaner will clean kitchens, floors, bathrooms, toilets, windows, is safe around food, is a leave on sanitiser and has strong anti-bacterial properties and can also serve the role of a sanitiser as well. With TGA Approval, you can be assured that the Lean Green Cleaner is a strong and efficient alternative for your cleaning needs.


One application of Swift Grow made a significant difference to our camellias growth rate


Has helped our grass grow thicker and eliminate dead patches


San Air has helped stop the mould forming in our bathroom


Essentially Natural is an Australian business, which supports and distributes quality natural and organic products into the Australian retail market. We allow brilliant minds, who create fantastic things, a pathway to getting their unique and effective products into the wider world.


Currently our range includes Swift Grow, a natural and organic fertiliser, that strengthens and nourishes plant life, and San Air, a natural mould controlling substance that helps to keep your home and inside spaces fresh, healthy and free of bacteria.


We believe in our products, and our mission is to seek connections and relationships with retailers and other businesses who believe in them as well would like to use or sell our products. 


If you would like to arrange samples, or host our range in your outlet, please click below and send us your details so we can get in touch.